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The main AutoDirector screen shows a list of all showrooms ('sites') that have been defined. You can add, remove or modify any showroom and access further functions.

Any number of showrooms can be defined. You could create separate showrooms for different clients, or showrooms for different types of vehicle. All aspects of a showroom can be configured, e.g. the maximum number of vehicles, number of pictures, image sizes, searching features, etc.

You can allow other users to access the AutoDirector control panels. Access can be restricted to certain showrooms and administration functions.

AutoDirector provides a high-level of security for all users: even administrators will not know user passwords. All users can change their email address or password using the 'my account' panel.

The main vehicle administration screen shows all the cars that have been defined in this showroom with viewing and enquiry statistics.

Cars can be added, changed, hidden or removed from any showroom. Vehicle photographs can be uploaded, optimised and rearranged with a few mouse clicks.

An online car showroom can be added to any website with just one line of HTML code. The showroom uses the latest AJAX methods to present the visitor with a professional, attractive, interactive and search-able stock list.

Website visitors can examine the details of any vehicle and complete an enquiry form. All enquiries are sent by email to the car dealer and logged within the AutoDirector control panel.

v1.9 available for download now

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