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Custom showroom fields, languages, and currencies

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The website showroom is primarily controlled by client/carlist.js. Expert users can alter the settings in this file to configure the showroom (remember to keep a backup though).

Changing the language
All the language strings are contained in setup.text (lines 3 to 62). For example, if you want to change "model" to the Spanish "vehiculo", edit line 20 and change:

model: "model:",
model: "vehiculo:",

You can also change the mileage units by editing mileageunit in line 24. For example, this could be set to "KMs". Note that the control panel won't change - you'd still enter your KM figure as 'mileage'.

Note that changing the text may have an impact of the space allocated for a field in the CSS template. Further style changes may therefore be required.

Removing a field
Similarly, if you didn't want to see the model field, simply set an empty string:

model: "",

This could previously have been handled within the CSS template, but this method might be easier for some users.

Note that this only works for model, colour, gearbox, mileage, and details. To remove the price, set showprice:false in line 67.

Using a different currency
AutoDirector supports US dollars, UK pounds, and Euros. If you want to use an alternative currency, change currencystart and/or currencyend in lines 68 and 69.

For example, to show Australian dollars using the format "X AU$", set:

currencystart: "",
currencyend: " AU$",

Custom price codes
By default, entering a price of "0" will show "sold" and a price of "1" will show "please call". You can now change these messages and add your own in the pricemessage array (line 70).

For example, if you wanted 1 to show "call" and 2 to show "special offer", you would define:

pricemessage: ["sold", "call", "special offer"]

Rearranging the sort types
The "order by" options can be rearranged or removed. Anyone with a little JavaScript knowledge can also add their own sorting options.

The options are defined in the sortTypes array, line 83 to 92. Always keep the last two options as the search results.
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Hi, I was just wondering if it is possible to change the registration label to something else? and if yes where would I find it.

Many thanks

Jonathan :)
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Do you mean the registration/VIN in the control panel? That's not actually shown in the showroom - it's for the dealers information only.
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