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Hi Ben,

Increasing the maximum number of images is not particularly easy, but here goes...

Line 618 in siteadmin.php and line 19 in includes/adscriptsite.js should be changed to the maximum number of pictures you want.

You can probably increase it to around 15 images without doing anything else. If you need more images than that, you'll also need to change the database setup...

To ensure new sites are defined correctly, edit line 131 in includes/adsite.php. You'll need to change `picturelist` varchar(100) to `picturelist` varchar(N) where N is around 10 times the number of pictures you want, e.g. for 20 images, use 200.

If the site has already been created, you'll need to update it's table manually by changing picturelist from varchar(100) to varchar(N) as above.

Hope that helps!
AutoDirector administrator

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